Are you registering 2 or more children for Kids Club or Home Base this Summer?  Please read:  

It has come to our attention that our online registration component for Child Supervision, i.e.; Home Base, Kids Club and Summer School Supervised Lunch,  has been “crashing” on registrants when registering  for more than 30 dates at a time for more than 1 child. 

If you are only selecting a week or two at a time, registering 1 or more children presents no issues. But if you need to register 2 or more children for more than 30 dates, our suggestion would be to complete your registration AND check out for only 1 child at a time.  If you prefer, we are happy to register you over the phone for Child Supervision.   

Because of our flexibility for our families being able to register for individual days for our Child Supervision program, many classes are placed in your cart.  As a result our software requires a bit of time to process, your patience is appreciated.

Summer Supervision : Home Base & Kids Club

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